Saturday, 25 March 2017

Experimental Work

Here is the first piece in what will be a series of pieces of work focusing on form, line and colour. I'm trying to eliminate as much detail as I can, therefore you are left focusing only on the form, line and colour. Keeping everything simple is key to this series of work  My usual style is reliant on as much detail as possible but I'm wanting to free my creativity and be more flexible with how I apply paint and control it. There is still a bit too much detail in the image  than I would have liked for eg the buttons but hopefully as I create more I will be able to let go of those restraints. This piece was done as a live sketch as sitter sat using a computer, I then painted it from memory on a later day. Usually having a photo as an aid I felt freer painting this from memory and applying textural paint brush strokes allowed me to paint fast. I've blurred face to eliminate details but not to the point where the sitter isn't identifiable. For me this piece is an impression of the sitter not an exact copy. The black outlining of the image has been used to enhance the lines, form and colour.

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