Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fruit Cupcakes! Potential Greeting card designs.











Monday, 27 October 2014

The ever popular Labrador!

Here is another Labrador I've just completed as a commission piece. It's oil on canvas sheet, which has been framed. It was about 14 inches x 20 inches approx.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Below is a portrait of a black Labrador I've just completed. It's been done in oil paints on a canvas sheet.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pet Portrait Price List.

Medium:  Oils on canvas

Canvas Choices:  -Stretched canvas (ideal if you want to hang painting up without framing)
                               - Flat canvas board
                               - Canvas Sheet (ideal if you want to frame painting yourself)

Size Of Canvas:                                                      Price              Time Taken to Paint

A5 - 6 X 8 Inches ( approx )                                   £100                  1 week ( approx )

A4 - 8 X 12 Inches ( approx )                                 £150                  1 week ( approx )

A3 - 16 X 12 Inches ( approx )                               £200                  1 week ( approx )

A2 - 16 X 24 Inches ( approx )                               £300                 3-4 weeks ( approx )

A1 - 24 X 32 Inches ( approx )                               £400                 3-4 weeks (approx )

Additional Notes:

Prices include postage and packaging costs.

The time taken to paint each piece is approximately, depending on how many commissions I have      that week but I always do my best to complete work as soon as I can at a very high standard.

I paint off photos so if you would like a pet portrait done please contact me via my email to discuss further details as to where you need to send your photo. All photos must be clear images for me to create the best painting possible from it.

As I paint in oils they do take a longer time to dry, so if you want painting posted to you it will need to remain with me at my studio for an additional 2 weeks to make certain its not damaged or smudged in transition. If you want to come and collect painting then that is fine also as long as you ensure it's handled with care whilst  transporting it  to your desired location.

If you wish to have a multiple of pets painted on each canvas there are additional charges to this. Please email me to find out prices for this.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Pet Portraits

Here are a few pet portraits I've been working on lately, they are all oil on canvas sheets. If you wish to have your beloved pet painted as a gift to a loved one or even as a gift for yourself  or would like further information about prices , size and medium of paintings then please contact me via my email.