Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Tea Party On The Wild Side

Medium: Oils on canvas
Title: A Tea Party On The Wild Side

This piece of art is for a flower show coming up in August. I wanted to keep the topic fun and reflect summer and nature, perfect for a flower show. I went down the more illustrative style with this one. I won first prize last year fingers crossed I retain my title this year.

Decorative Designing on objects

This was initially just a plain cream/ beige box for bits and bobs which had seen better days. I painted and decorated it and it has been given a new lease of life now.

Medium: Acrylic


Medium: Acrylic and Gouache on wall
Title: Looking Out

This is my first wall mural it's been painted in a bathroom. Image 1 is of the first/ initial sketch I roughly drew out in pastels to see what would work and what kind of colours went well together. I did deviate a little from the initial design, a strip of shrubbery was added on to the central image of the final piece and I completely changed the boarder in the end. All the images following image 2 are of the final mural. Image 2 is the piece of art that actually inspired me to paint this mural, it is an image of a mural painted by Duncan Grant who was part of the Bloomsbury group, he painted it above a fire place in 'The Garden Room' at Charleston. I took the image of the woman on the left side of the painting as my inspiration and then created everything else around her. I think the reason I really wanted to incorporate this voluptuous figure was because for me she represents a real woman with her curves and not the typical size zero women we see in the media.

Image 1

Image 2

Bee Collection

Medium: Oils on canvas
Title: Bee Witched

This is the first piece from my 'Bee Collection' designs where I am creating a number of pieces of art work in which I play on the letter ' B' or a word beginning with 'be' replacing it with the word ' Bee' and the images will reflect this portraying a bumble bee in different scenarios according to the titles of each work. As I create them I shall pop them on here.

Safari Animals

Medium: Watercolours on watercolour paper

This is a collection of designs I'm working on for greeting cards I'm still in the process of painting the collection. I'll probably have about 10 designs in total when I'm finished. The image of the rhino is still a work in progress but I put it up anyway. Watercolours are not my usual medium but I dabble in it once in a while.