Sunday, 28 June 2009

Cats are crazy..but we love them!! meaoow!!

My Cat JeeJee

I also managed to take a pic of my brooches that I mentioned yesterday...dont know what shop they are going up on yet!

Monday, 22 June 2009

It's Bee's and Strawberry's today!..Mad!

I finally managed to take photos of my wee lil strawberry brooch and I luckly finished making my Bee brooch at the same time so I've put them both on to Folksy! Phew glad thats done! I've added some pics below...I'm soooooo pleased with the way the Bee turned out...yes I'm very proud of it!Got some lovely feed back on them...people can be so nice...especially on Folksy!
I was so chuffed when I checked my E-bay this morning and found that someone had bid on my little red guitar studds/earrings.. YAY! I had the Disney necklace (handmade by me) posted today so fingers crossed it gets their safe and I get another positive feedback! I'm currently trying to think of the next item I'm going to make and put on Folksy...I want to reach 30 items in my shop on their before I start making a new batch of stuff for either Etsy or Misi or Coriandr...I can't make up my mind where else to next set up shop!Don't know which would be best...if anyone has any advice on which is better plz let me know...I'll ask Folksy sellers too!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sales and a strawberry!

 I sold a necklace that I had made...I was and still am very pleased!:) I've put a pic up below of what I sold!
  I made a little strawberry brooch a couple days ago...still have to take a pic of it, when I do I'll put it on here for you to see, then its going straight on to Folksy for sale! I've just put up a few new earrings up on Folksy today...I like to keep it fresh on their... need my first sale on their yet...look forward to it.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I sold my pink butterfly brooch to a private buyer so its off Folksy! I'm so chuffed Its amazing feeling when you've sold something you've made! Im so happy! :)

LOVE earrings!!!

 I made a couple of pairs of earrings, this is my pretty blue pair that is up on Folksy!

I Made these beautiful earrings and I've put them on sale on Folksy, its a lovely unique design.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Commissions and Customised Items!

Just letting you know that I make commissioned and customised jewellery, paintings and crafts so if anyone wants anything specific for an event or an occasion or just because you want a one off handmade piece that no one in the whole wide world has...I do it! Just contact me on this blog or my email many thanks!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Welcome Followers!

I would like to say a thankyou and a big welcome to my followers! Its great to have Oddsox Shaz and hotdogandme Chantal on board! I hope you enjoy the Blog!X


I said to myself yesterday that I would take sunday off as my day off as I've been working real hard all week on my online shops but I just couldn't help myself and in a matter of minutes from waking up I was crafting away and this is what I made yesterday. It's a pretty butterfly brooch/corsage /bag deco, im very pleased with it and Im going to put it up for sale on my Folksy shop in a min. I adore butterflies I have little home deco butteflies all around my house.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Crafting away!

I have been a busy bee this week having to juggle lots of things at once! I've been sorting out my shops on line, just recently opened one on Folksy and managed to get a good few things up on there to sell. As well as this I've been loading things to sell up on my ebay shop too. I've managed to in between this craft a few things this lovely heart hang is one of the many things I've managed to create, it on sale on my Folksy shop!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Another one!

Here's another keyring I've made. I've created this from 3 different coloured yarn, lots of different coloured beads and sequins. The design is just plain creative chaos which makes it unique, I love the bold and bright colours they cheer me up. Madness I say complete utter madness

Sea shell Keyring!

Okie dokie here's a lovely key ring I made too I created this from an assortment of beads and an oyster/sea shell from St Austell beach Cornwall. The design has a nautical feel and is based on the colours of the seaside.The round silver bead at the top represents the sun, and the colour yellow in the design also reflects this whilst the oranges and whites represent the beach and the blue as well as the shell reflects the water.

My new creations

I'm back and here is a peep in to what I have been creating! I made this beautiful charm bracelet as well as loads of other beautiful and pretty things. I'll load on a few more things I've been creating later, I'm kind of still trying to get the hang of this blog.