Monday, 22 June 2009

It's Bee's and Strawberry's today!..Mad!

I finally managed to take photos of my wee lil strawberry brooch and I luckly finished making my Bee brooch at the same time so I've put them both on to Folksy! Phew glad thats done! I've added some pics below...I'm soooooo pleased with the way the Bee turned out...yes I'm very proud of it!Got some lovely feed back on them...people can be so nice...especially on Folksy!
I was so chuffed when I checked my E-bay this morning and found that someone had bid on my little red guitar studds/earrings.. YAY! I had the Disney necklace (handmade by me) posted today so fingers crossed it gets their safe and I get another positive feedback! I'm currently trying to think of the next item I'm going to make and put on Folksy...I want to reach 30 items in my shop on their before I start making a new batch of stuff for either Etsy or Misi or Coriandr...I can't make up my mind where else to next set up shop!Don't know which would be best...if anyone has any advice on which is better plz let me know...I'll ask Folksy sellers too!

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