Saturday, 13 November 2010

Been Too Long

Its been forever since I was on my excuse... life getting in the way! but I'll try to keep up if I can! The last blog I wrote  stated that the items below were on Etsy...well there's been a change...they aren't, well not now anyway, I will however be moving those items to my folksy shop soon! My Etsy shop kind of  doesn't exist anymore couldn't keep up with it so I'm going to focus completely on my Folksy shop. Will be putting new items in there soon, going to be very busy creating new treasures. I'm very excited by the prospect of just sitting down and getting myself engrossed in a new creation...haven't in a long time because I've just been so exhausted after isn't easy at the best of times but im going to try to make a real effort now..I need to focus!

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